Braised Lentils with Kumera


Every year I plant some orange Tumbling Toms, they are a cherry tomato that is happy growing in hanging baskets as well as window boxes and containers alike.  I grow a few full sized heirloom toms too.  Each have their unique qualities and I love them all, but these little tumblers are particularly special.  Not only are they so sweet and juicy but are always the first to fruit so, for me they signify the start of summer and all the delicious produce that will follow.  Well you can imagine how excited I was when I spotted not one but two little flowers blossoming with all their might despite the stormy and unseasonably cold week we have just had.


Braised lentils may not seem like summer fare, but as I mentioned before the weather has seemed more autumnal than late springlike and to be fair I love lentils in any shape or form at any time of year, they are full of cholesterol lowering fibre, a good source of protein, minerals and B-vitamins as well as being a pretty cheap way to put a delicious meal on the table.  They are also fairly quick to cook, when compared to other dried legumes, most of which require soaking prior to a lengthy cooking time.  Most importantly for me at the moment though, is that I can make a  one-pot meal that suits the whole family including Giddy my little 7 month old who is venturing further into the world of solid foods but still needs something easy to eat and gentle on the tummy. Continue reading “Braised Lentils with Kumera”

Banana and Walnut Loaf


I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks so first and foremost big apologies, but I have a good excuse…my Dad who I hadn’t seen for 3 years is over visiting from the UK!  My love of food comes from him so it goes without saying over the past two weeks many nostalgic dishes have been cooked and shared.  Feeling like it was time to work off a few of the calories consumed, yesterday morning we all headed out early to do a loop of the Goldie Bush Scenic Reserve.  It is an awesome walk which Oscar (my nearly 4 year old) loves.  There are several waterfalls, river crossings and because it has been wet, so much mud we were virtually swimming in it.  goldie-bush

The loop takes around 3 hours (longer when if you have a little one that adores mud!) so a break for a bit of morning tea somewhere along the way is always welcomed.  A thermos of hot tea accompanied by the sweetest and juiciest tangelo I have ever tasted and a generous slice of banana bread boosted our energies for the remainder of the trip.

This banana bread has been a regular in our house for several years, it is so moist and is really easy to make.  I like the addition of walnuts for a bit of crunch and to give you a little break from the sweet banana.  It is also great way to use up overripe bananas. The recipe makes two loaves – as with most of my baking I like to do double batches to make the most of the oven being on, but you can halve it quite easily. Continue reading “Banana and Walnut Loaf”